BB English Department (and other ones too) projects

proposal posted by Eugene 


all the wonderful ideas (games etc) are great, but neccessity is the one to be taken care first.
We have long list of MUST HAVE DONE projects of the english dept that are supposed to cover the BASIC, MOST IMMEDIATE NEEDS of dissemination as well  groups and individuals.

I am happy to post here whole list of projects that need manpower and all approved/on the list of "to dos" of english dept - they range from various Learning Center projects to video streaming to mobile development etc

Namely, i can just mention that at some point in the past Gregory was planning to work on media archive for all our events media, Alex has promised to join Kenier and do a real good security check of our servers infrastructure etc etc.
There is plenty of work for everyone - if they have skills, time and desire to make a difference.

Let me know.


reality yamagoochi game

proposal posted by Ian

I have been thinking about the next stage – how to connect people online.
Then yesterday I heard Gil (I think) talk about the idea of having a 24/7 kenes online.

This gave me the idea of creating a “reality” game very much like RollerCoaster Tycoon.
The aim of this game is for the player to build an amusement park from scratch.
He has to deal with money, workers, rides, breakdowns, cleaning up, food, queues, even emotions of people.
There is continual feedback that he has to react to.

It would take a team of top quality programmers to convert this idea into a virtual kenes.
People could volunteer for the setting up and management of the kenes. They would all login to a server that hosted the kenes and each would perform their jobs.
The platform could eventually be replicated so that groups from one country or one city could play together.
The whole success depends on arvut and total commitment – one loose cog in the wheel and “performance” will drop.
Need to make sure tochen is of a high quality so that people don’t leave, make sure enough food (of high quality) is made.
Need to make sure the place is kept clean and that kids are occupied…….

In short, I hope you get the idea.

Unfortunately I don’t have the skill set to assist in programming but would welcome the opportunity of being included in a project team if you think that this idea is worthy of pursuing.

* examples: roller coaster tycoon / zoo / yamaguchi

Spiritual Internet (Short term discussion groups):

I think we have all the content in text (most electronic text). And that is great for internet too.
The internet is more about interaction and not only different way to present content.

I mean what we need is interactive discussions and talk backs. 
This requires the content we already have together with interactive systems which are there free at the internet.

We can create small group interactions:
1) 5 min voice talk about Free choice (online, 4 people + one moderator).
2) 10 min chat about Influence of society (online, 9 people + one moderator)
3) Day discussion about financial crisis (offline, 20 people + one moderator).

First we will have like 20 ideas/issues. People will choose the type (voice, chat, discussion) and the topic.
Then the system will automatically divide them to individual groups.
One moderator/operator can handle few of those groups together.
Then those people can exchange contacts one with each other - and return and discuss any issue again and again with same people - i.e. real spiritual connection in the internet and not shallow like it is now.