Welcome to the World Kli Hackers WIKI experiment :)

this website is just a draft (very early stage… don't worry, we'll clean up the menus and layout of this wiki to look much cleaner and elegant; (feel free to edit the text below as it is only a small seed that has been planted…)

Purpose of this wiki

**Enabling open collaboration for the technically inclined people of the world kli ("soul hackers") **
1st step is to find all the geeks/techies in the World Kli and unite them under one roof

  • giving a chance to the geeks in the world kli to meet and unite
  • attempt the "open-source collaboration model" for people to introduce themselves, find out who else exists, invite their friends, identify parallel projects, common problems, etc…


0. review http://internet2011bb.wikidot.com/
1. get invited by a friend to be able to participate (question: should we keep this model of invite only via a friend? or are we ready to open it up and let anyone register?)
2. invite other friends that you think should observe this or can contribute and inspire them to invite their friends, etc
3. create your profile (tech skills, tech experience interests, desires, etc…)
4. PLAY! review list of projects, ideas, forum and add where you have the desire


1a. help us organize this website… make it cleaner and more user-friendly
1b. we need a good way to be able to post ideas, vote, rate, collaborate… (we do not have to stay with wikidot, obviousy … we just needed something fast!)

2. any volunteers to add a blog feature and and forum??

the whole thing is a WIKI so go ahead and CONTRIBUTE

we are very curious to see how fast we'll be able to "self-organize" if we have the right intention and desire to unite!


Then there are some things you need to know:

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